Friday, November 9, 2012

Seeds of autumn

I like to see the tiny blue-black seeds that these weeds produce, and it's impressive to see them appearing this late in the year. This was another very quick afternoon project, and like Tuesday's, not centered around a conventionally beautiful subject. The first shot describes the plant pretty well, except for its long, spindly stalk, which I didn't think would add anything to the composition.

I was drawn to the way this second sample had captured a vibrantly healthy stalk of another, taller plant. It seems to be hanging on and seeking help.

This third one called for an aerial view. A bit of an amusement park perspective, perhaps.

From just a little higher, the support structure changes and the background separates into halves.

Finally, a still higher viewpoint renders things quite differently. A slight breeze altered foreground to background angles from time to time as I was shooting.


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  1. The series "Seeds of Autumn" is wonderful! There's such a sense of space. We know we're looking at seeds, but they have a slightly surreal feeling too, as though they might be something else....


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