Thursday, July 24, 2014

Artificial light for flower detail

This evening I was inspired by the unusually nice condition of an indoor flower, and decided to photograph it using artificial light (diffused off-camera flash). I did another focus stack, this time requiring only four shots (at f/11) to get everything sharp. The background was a medium toned beige drape, but when you have control over where the light is coming from and going (and when the background is sufficiently far from the foreground) a mid-tone can be rendered as black. The inverse square law* is useful!

*The intensity of light (from a "point source") is inversely proportional to the square of the distance to the object being illuminated. Although I was using a somewhat broader source of light, the result was approximately the same. For example, points 3 times as far from the light as the subject was received roughly 1/9 as much light. With the plant already very light toned, it was easy to get enough difference for a black background rendering.



  1. That is a lovely flower photo, Jess. But I take equal delight at your grasp of the technical and the verbiage to express it!


    1. Thanks, Ken. It's fun to think about what goes into accomplishing things, and if information that might be useful for other people follows from that, then I'm glad.


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