Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A quick photo-walk through "downtown" New Bern, NC

Yesterday afternoon, after settling into a hotel near the waterfront in New Bern, North Carolina (mouth of the Neuse River), I went out for a little walk to see how many interesting things I could find to photograph in a short while. The sky was dull and colorless, but in other respects the conditions were lovely. I felt that the light would be good for many subjects other than broad landscapes or riverscapes. Sometimes I like to settle into a subject, immerse myself in it and explore all the possibilities I can think of. This was not such an occasion!

The first attraction I encountered was a grouping of flowers planted on the "river walk".

Here is the context:

Just a few steps away, I noticed this tiny butterfly, wingspan about 25 mm (no more than an inch). I wished I had a macro lens with me, as it wasn't in a great hurry to fly away and would probably have allowed to approach closer than I could focus with the rig I had. This shot was made with a 24-105 zoom at maximum magnification.

As I examined this flower, a beautiful fly landed, with just the right color contrast!

There was no significant color in the water, so I tried this black and white graphical approach:

I found this family of friendly bear cubs, and set off in search of other sculpted bears, which abound in New Bern.

The nearness of the coastline keeps the climate moderate in fall, and apparently flowers of many kinds do well later than they do in Raleigh.

What a great self-satisfied expression on this fellow!

City Hall is a charming and interesting building, with two bears above the entrance.

Before I could approach for a good look, though, I had to pause for this guy in the style of a cigar store totem.

A patriotic bruin now sits at the foot of the steps, while the guards above bare their teeth and stick out their tongues.

 Baron Christopher De Graffenried, who founded New Bern, NC in 1710. He was born, as you might perhaps have guessed, in Bern Switzerland. Quite a peruke on his noggin!

Spanish moss in the churchyard! We are in what state, North Carolina? I wish there had been a blue sky to contrast with the golden weather vane.

I didn't have a long lens for "real" bird photography, but this scene was fun for me.

Dedicated to the men and women of the U.S. Navy, Sailor Bear is natty.

A portion of a street mural, used for a kind of "found object" abstract image.

And another attempt to find interesting shapes and textures in plain view.

As I headed back to the hotel, I was greeted by one more example of public art!



  1. All of these are wonderful, but I particularly appreciate pictures of textured walls, especially the subtle colors on the brick, boarded-up building with birds on the roof.
    The bear sculptures with varied painted surfaces remind me of the ceramic roosters we find, all differently decorated, in Scarsdale, NY.

  2. Thank you. I also enjoy the texture of brick and stone walls. Sometimes even areas that are in disrepair and make a building look shabby can be part of an attractive (to me) photograph.
    Right now, Raleigh, NC has several decorated cow sculptures on exhibit around town, and I'm thinking of doing a photographic survey if I can free enough time.


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