Saturday, October 20, 2012

High School Senior portraits today

Today I enjoyed the privilege of photographing Alyssa in the studio and outdoors. We were not looking for a clone of the typical yearbook shot, but to show a little of her abundant personality, an individual at a particular stage of life. There is much editing yet to be done, but I couldn't wait to work up one shot so that it could be shared right away. This is anything but an "edgy" modern shot. Couldn't we even say that there is something of a Renaissance portrait feeling going on here? Anyway, I enjoyed the session a lot. Will post more soon.

Okay, I've had a few days to catch up with the backlog. Time to add some more! We moved between inside and out. We tried a few different approaches to lighting, sometimes going for softness and sometimes for strength, occasionally allowing a little of the harshness of sunlight to come through, but always tempering it and sometimes staying out of it altogether. First three more studio shots:

Then outside under the trees. I didn't have to suggest the prop - this young writer always seems to have a book with her. Alyssa is a talented illustrator too, by the way.

Notice how the ivy shows through the black fabric, because of the strong sunlight. Yes, I was pretty much overpowering it with flash. That's it for now. Oh, except that the upload somehow missed one of my favorites! This one:

Blue on blue, we're "supposed to" use contrasting background colors...but I like this. Of course what I especially like is the expression and the riveting eye contact. Made my day!


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