Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Horses

After being housebound for more than a week, I've been itching to get out with a camera. Sometimes the urge to do photography seems even greater than the need for physical exercise. I had attempted to slake my thirst for fun by doing some humorous shots through an open door. I created these two "flower" shots while watching squirrel antics.

Today, I finally got out, and drove in search of a decent landscape or cityscape to complement the sunset that I thought would develop. As it happened, the clouds and colors fizzled, but along the way I encountered some horses in challenging light. I did my best to show the bucolic nature of this scene at the edge of the city, and present these four shots for those of you who love horses.



  1. Wonderful photos, as always, Jess. The squirrel photographs are particularly creative.


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