Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wood and wood products

If you came here looking for particle board, sorry to mislead your search engine. The oak leaves have curled into interesting shapes, and the existing light brought out the textures pretty well. I'd like to think that the subject matter complements my previous post. No experimenting with different cameras this time, just a quick tripod setup, compose and focus using live view, and a manual exposure of 20 seconds at f/13, ISO 100, 100 mm.

It's sometimes fun to look for animal-like shapes in static plants (not to mention rocks, clouds, etc.), but then the real thing arrives to show you a true action pose, if you can catch it:

I know squirrels are rodents, and commonplace, but I still think they're cute, and sometimes downright funny! Also, even urban squirrels are products of the woods.

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