Tuesday, June 25, 2013

By the river

Here are a few photos from a walk beside and over Crabtree Creek. The first might be titled "Bridge to Nowhere", but that has already been used often enough, so let's say "Bridge to Fantasyland". This is actually a condemned/abandoned bridge, which I have been assuming would soon be dismantled, but after a few years it's still there, still rotting away.

So of course it cries out to be photographed! ...from a safe position outside the barrier, which you will see in my second photo. The black and white fantasy shot has only been manipulated in one way: I duplicated the left side of the picture, flipped it, and placed it on the right to get a symmetrical image.

Here is what you can see without poking your head (or camera lens) through the fence.

This is a view from over the river, on a functional, properly maintained pedestrian bridge. The Raleigh Greenway system offers many pleasant areas to hike or bike. Crabtree Creek itself is scenic, although it is usually opaque with mud and sediment from the quarry operations upstream.

Not a bad little slice of a fantasy view, within shouting distance of houses, apartments, and business parking lots.

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  1. This is a magical, evocative image. Flipping it was a great idea. Now it looks like a lacey, ghostly skeleton, formed of the trees themselves, of a totemic image. The viewer thinks, "Is it there or is it imagined?"

    1. Thank you. I played with the placement of the reflection axis to try to get human and animal shapes. Of course we are inclined to imagine those whenever there are symmetrical lines that could be limbs, etc. It's not too hard to suggest faces with a mirroring of tree leaves. All the same, I'm really pleased that you saw it that way without any prompting from me! To me the whole center line is much like a totem pole, with the most important figure seated at the bottom, legs outstretched toward us.

  2. The Bridge to Fantasyland is breathtakingly fantastic. Wow...what a unique and artistic shot. Bravo!

  3. Love the "Bridge to Fantasyland" shot, Jess. Very moody.



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