Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today the magnolias were ready for their portrait session

Yes, I was able to train my lens (actually, lenses) on some "properly finished" flowers today. This follows the sequence of magnolia shots from one tree yesterday.

Magnolia blossoms can offer their sweet fragrance for a surprisingly extended portion of late spring and early summer, but the peak appearance for any one flower doesn't last very long. Spotting some photogenic examples and having some time, I brought a selection of focal lengths. The long lenses (200 and 300mm) gave me tight framing of subjects I couldn't approach closely, and the macro lens (100mm) let me get very close to the one flower that was literally under my nose.

After photographing the large magnolias, I shot a group of tiny orange flowers. Then I finished with a dead magnolia leaf that made a striking contrast against the ground cover and a pine cone. It's all part of my continuing exploration of the aesthetics of the less-than-ideal landscape.



  1. Jess, I always appreciate your efforts-and success-in photographing the "less-than-ideal landscape". The flower shots were nice, but oddly, my favorite was the leaf and pine cone. That looked like something Mike Moats would shoot and sell for a lot of money!


    1. Thanks Ken. I'm all for selling photos "for a lot of money", so eventually I'll get my main website reorganized and set up to allow people to purchase things directly (not to mention, to find images by category).


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