Saturday, November 23, 2013

Car parts…and entire cars: Porsche By Design at the North Carolina Museum of Art

Rolling sculpture, the illusion of great speed while standing still, the possibility of still greater speed than some might imagine (when driven on a track or suitable road), beautiful form inspired and guided by beautiful mechanical engineering.

Usually, museums put a lot of restrictions on photography, even prohibiting it for certain exhibitions (and understandably so). For "Porsche by Design," showing at the North Carolina Museum of Art, NCMA held an "open hood" event for members, and actually encouraged photography. Well, twist my arm and I'll give in and bring a camera!



  1. Jim joined me in admiration of these Porsches, and unlike me,he really knew what he was looking at! The NC Museum did well to allow photography. To my knowledge, no harm will come to the cars, as it would to more ephemeral works of art.
    We saw a racing car up close at The Westchester, called the Praga. It is from Slovakia. Quite an impressive object. There is a Tesla showroom there, too. from EVAnonymous

    1. Actually, the type of photography I was doing, using just the museum's existing light, would not do any harm to any types of art. I would feel no purpose, though, if I tried to shoot paintings in such a way. Shooting the cars, however, like photographing any type of sculpture, feels to me like an exercise and exploration that helps me to see more.


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