Sunday, December 1, 2013

Battle of the cuties

Hmm…what's a Pomeranian to do after the excitement of a Thanksgiving feast…play with a friendly pink sea creature?

Is that really a septopus? Perhaps one ought to battle a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex for orts*?

Ah, the victory goes to the safe choice of a nap on a comfy pillow. The pillow may be soft, but not as fluffy-soft as the little dog's fur!

*An examination of dinosaur table scraps by paleontologists with more imagination than sense has led to the postulate that their diet included potato latkes and cranberry apple relish.

By the way, the lovely little dog "belongs" to a cousin once removed of yours truly. In light of how we often refer to our pets as our children (they do feel like that), I suppose I could refer to her as my cousin twice removed. The terminology of cousinhood is tortuous!

Lenses used: 85/1.2 for dog photos, 35/2 for dino.



  1. Oh, you focused so well on the beauty of the pup's photo one of the pup, her (? or him?) fur forms a lovely frame around her face!

    1. Some animals, certainly including dogs, have such intelligence that I always find myself drawn to their eyes, and I try to make their faces the center of attention in a portrait, a depiction of character rather than just an attractive shape. Thank you for noticing the "fur frame". I'm not responsible for it being there, of course, but it's an important reason that I made sure the focus got soft even that short distance behind her eye. (In fact, the near eye is in focus but the far eye is not.) I wanted soft fur, not individual hairs.


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