Monday, February 17, 2014

New [to me] section of Raleigh Greenway

I like walking Raleigh's Greenway system. It's not quite like being out in undeveloped countryside, but you can find a sense of calm just a short way from the noise of the city. This view from a raised wooden walkway gave a bird's eye view of a swampy area and another section of boardwalk.

There are tree stumps that were apparently left (possibly as shelter for fish?) when this artificial lake was created, and some of them have re-sprouted. This reborn tree seems to be doing pretty well - it is winter after all.

A gull put on a nice display. There were some Bufflehead about the lake, but they stayed on the far side, and I couldn't get any worthwhile photos. Next time, or at any rate I'll keep trying.

While I was theoretically out hunting for wildlife, I try not to miss or ignore other kinds of opportunities to create interesting photos. The Greenway goes right under a railroad trestle, and as you'll see, I did a little exploring of its features.

[lenses used were EF24mm/3.5 TS-E II, EF40mm/2.8, EF100-400mm/4.5-5.6 L]



  1. An old, rusted bridge becomes asthetically beautiful through you eyes.


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