Sunday, February 2, 2014

Warm, Sunny, Icy

Sunday's afternoon weather forecast: sunny with a few clouds, high temp 64ºF, ice on the surface of stagnant or slow moving water. That last part actually wasn't in the cards, as far as I knew. It was a great time for a walk on the Raleigh Greenway, and my wife and I set out to cover some ground for the exercise. I wanted to keep up, so I didn't burden myself with any camera other than the ever-present iPhone. About 2 1/2 miles from our home, we passed this scene. A section of the path is being prepared for paving. This may have partially blocked a small feeder stream (probably strengthened by drainage from construction up the hill) which now widens into a swampy area on its way down to Crabtree Creek.

I liked the patterns in the ice and water, backlit by the sun, which you can see reflected in the foreground. I wished for a camera with more control and quality available, but you use what you have. Not too shabby for a cell phone camera that's two generations out of date. We "serious" photographers - said with a smile! - update our DSLRs more frequently than our cell phones.

A slightly different view. It's difficult to frame an image on the screen of a phone with bright sunlight in front of your face, wearing darkened photosensitive eyeglasses, hanging on the side of a half-dead tree.




  1. Wow...these shots are a testament to how it is your eye for a beautiful image above all else that makes your photos amazing! I love the circular patterns and the B&W tone. Bravo!


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