Monday, August 11, 2014

Junk as art

Scrapped machinery as art.  It's not unusual to find old, rusted mechanical devices deployed for visual interest in public or business areas.  In a restaurant in Kennebunk, Maine, I found an engine cover from a David Bradley two wheel tractor.  After snapping this with a cell phone (and after eating), I went after a larger antique tractor not far away.

The bigger beast was not as easy for me to identify, but I liked it enough to do a few shots with a "serious" camera.



  1. Looks like Sanford & Son meets Martha Stewart Living!

    1. LOL, yes! I will contain my Redd Foxx mouth and not make a bawdy retort!

  2. Not just anyone could see beauty in rust. Jess isn't just anyone, and I'm glad of it. Welcome home!

  3. Thanks Barb. When my photography skills get rusty, I'll have a ready-made fall-back specialty.

  4. My Tractor Expert, Lem Hardy, says he's 98% sure the big beast is a 1930s Farmall. His granddaddy used to have a David Bradley.


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