Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sunset to sunset

Walking a shore road north of Kennebunkport (evening of the day I did the Kennebunk tractor photos of my previous post), I admired the post-sunset colors in a part of the sky quite different from the direction where the sun had gone down.

Next day, it was time to drive up to Bar Harbor, Maine.  There, an afternoon walk on the shore path turned up a miniature city of cairns.  A trio of black birds buzzed the structures as I grabbed this shot.

Heading for a city street to return to the harbor by a different route, I exchanged pleasantries with a hungry squirrel (whose tail was pretty scrawny).  I had a wide angle zoom lens on the camera, but the little rodent made no allowance for that, no adjustment of his comfort radius, so I cropped my photo to the equivalent of a moderate telephoto and got this.

The 16-35mm lens (at the long end) was just right for these flowers and leaves catching the sunlight.

Back at the harbor, I enjoyed exploring some dock vantages that gave a somewhat European look.

After sunset, the secondary color effects were nice, if subtle.  I love the textures of scudding clouds, water wavelets, and tiered rocks.

Heading part way down the same shore path taken earlier, I found the moon playing with a familiar leaning boulder.

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