Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A walk in the park, some autumn leaves

This afternoon I returned from a brief road trip, and discovered that the leaves in our neighborhood had literally changed overnight. Although I was tired, I set out for a walk on the Raleigh Greenway to see what I could see. My immediate goal was a bridge over Crabtree Creek that I knew potentially offered a good view. However, in the course of the mile walk to that point, there were lots of diversions.

Above and below, leaves in a small tributary that had become stagnant (probably choked by more leaves at a narrow point).

I've always liked the filigree of dark branches amid bright, colorful leaves.

Quite a few falling leaves were caught by spiky bare branches. This one was so perfectly positioned that I couldn't resist a shot.

Bright reds are not in abundance (at least not yet), but it's fun to catch them where they find the light between the green, yellow, and orange leaves.

Finally I got to my goal, and after a little experimentation, composed this image. I shot between the periodic vibrations caused by joggers.

The light was fading, without promise for sunset colors, so I packed up and made the return walk a lot quicker than the amble outward.



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