Friday, October 11, 2013

Triangle String Quartet - a two part portrait session

When the newly formed Triangle String Quartet asked me to create publicity photos, my first thought was that we might try to get some casual outdoor shots if the weather cooperated. Of course, arranging a time that four busy musicians could meet with me for a morning that fit in my busy schedule was not an easy thing, but we found a day. Then with the confluence of Tropical Storm Karen and a strong approaching cold front, we worried that the whole day would be a washout, leaving only studio shots as a possibility.

We were lucky, and there was a break in the rain perfectly coordinated with our timing. We wasted no time getting out to the park, and began with some get-acquainted-with-the-camera-man-and-relax-and-be-yourselves photos.

With everyone warmed up to the occasion, we created what became the cover photo for the quartet's website and their Facebook page.

I went for a bit of a nostalgic look here:

To finish the project, we ducked into my studio. The group changed into formal concert clothing, and we caught their formal PR shot.



  1. And let me tell you...the man behind the camera was as entertaining as he was proficient. He quickly put the TSQ members at ease and then proceeded to make the wonderful pictures you see here.

    1. What, was there some other guy behind the camera besides me? ;)
      Thank you, the quartet worked together well - just as they would in a musical setting - helping to make the creative process enjoyable for me.

  2. Nice shots, Jess. I especially liked the vintage look shot and the studio. Such beautiful lighting and expressions in the studio.



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