Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yates Mill, lingering ice

The Polar Vortex last week did not bring appreciable snowfall to Raleigh, but there were some unusually cold days. Today the temperature moderated, topping 50ºF/10ºC. I made a photo trip to Yates Mill Pond, not expecting much of a wintery look. There were still significant areas of ice lingering around the dam spillway and the mill wheel. Here is a first installment of the exploration I did through the lens(es).

The sky to the west had some interest, though from any reachable vantage point the sky behind the mill building was blank. Trees, sun just above the spillway wall:

[24mm TS-E f/3.5 L II]
Water curtains and ice curtains:

[EF70-200mm f/4 L IS @ 70mm]
The Iceman Cometh*:

[EF70-200mm f/4 L IS @ 165mm]
He was guarding a rather nice bathing area:

[EF70-200mm f/4 L IS @ 121mm]
Anthropomorphism may be facile, but it's fun!
*apologies to Eugene O'Neill



  1. These photos remind me of the frozen north country, away from which I have happily moved. The coldness almost drips out of these pictures and yet there is a certain stark beauty to be found in scenes like these.

    1. I understand why you enjoy being away from the daily work of fighting a Michigan winter, but I'm glad you can still see beauty in ice and cold.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Jess. If you don't mind, I'd like to share the link to your blog with the members of my Daughters of the American Revolution chapter -- we are the Yates Mill chapter, after all! :-)

  3. Yes...these photos are so very gorgeous, bravo!! I love what you said about capturing the Ice Man (guarding an icy bath). You were kind to apologize to Eugine O'Neill but (per wikipedia), I think the greater slight was his birth place being taken over by a Starbucks! (from wiki: "O'Neill was born in a Broadway hotel room in Longacre Square (now Times Square), in the Barrett Hotel. The site is now a Starbucks (1500 Broadway, Northeast corner of 43rd & Broadway). A commemorative plaque is posted on the outside wall with the inscription "Eugene O'Neill, October 16, 1888 ~ November 27, 1953 America's greatest playwright was born on this site then called Barrett Hotel, Presented by Circle in the Square."[3]").

    1. There are places in Manhattan where a Starbucks is almost directly across the street from…another Starbucks. In such a densely populated borough with so much commercial occupation of limited real estate, it's inevitable that historical sites are sometimes lost in a few generations. Sad though. At least the Empire State Building is still at 34th, and the Metropolitan on "museum mile", and there are no threats to build in Central Park (or Van Cortlandt, or any of the other city parks). The city changes, but it has done some things right.


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