Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chipmunk, Cardinal, Leaves

Five minutes in the yard today yielded lots of things to see, and I caught a few of them with the camera.  The chipmunk was in a tough, contrasty light situation, with a busy background, but his face was irresistible.

This lady cardinal looked inquisitive, and as you would expect, her movements were sudden and quick, but she tolerated me long enough for this sequence.

The leaves caught the light in a fantastic way against the shaded background.  One almost looks disconnected and falling (the very deep shadow on the stem has not been altered at all).

Moments later, as I moved no more than a few inches for a slightly different perspective, the balance of light on subject and background completely changed.



  1. Lovely! I can almost anthropomorphize the chipmunk and cardinal so that they were posing for St Jess of Assisi....

    1. I will never be ready for sainthood, but I enjoy being close to little wild creatures, including the timid kinds.


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