Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Portrait of a professional, in studio

Here is a minimalist approach to a portrait background: neutral gray, only subtle variation in tonality, no texture, and obviously no suggestion of anything pointing to an environment of any sort.  The one advantage of doing things this way is that nothing distracts from the focus on our subject.

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  1. Wow...you sure have all the luck!

    1. How so? Having an attractive portrait client, easy to work with, once in a while? As in everything, sometimes I'm lucky, often I'm not, but I try to always do my best. (Yoda said "there is no try", but sometimes try is all I can do, and sometimes I realize I could have done better!)

    2. Of course, I shouldn't be so literal. You were saying I was lucky, and yes, I was lucky! :<)

    3. Also, this sort of illustrates why, in my previous blog post, I said I like the phrase "avoir l'esprit d'escalier" - my first reactions to a statement are often ill-considered or centered on something "beside the point", even when it's not a situation calling for a retort. Even when writing, for some reason I'd rather expand and clarify than erase/delete what I said. Sometimes there's no harm in not thinking of a reply until too late. Sometimes I should keep my big mouth shut! ;<)

  2. Your musings are fascinating and you are bold and generous for sharing. Thanks!


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