Thursday, January 17, 2013

A few more from the shore

Here are three more seashore sunrise photos that I decided should also "make the cut".

Again, all were shot with a Canon G10.

Cliché: the very best camera is the one that you actually have with you when a photo opportunity presents itself!
Also: sometimes the best time to shoot "sunrise" is before the sun actually rises. The light of the sky, although dimmer, may have more color and contrast, and be more easily captured in the same exposure with landscape features than the sun itself could be. That goes double when you're using a small-sensor camera, which, other things being equal, will tend to have less capacity to capture a great range of tones than a large-sensor camera. This is one thing that was completely different in the age of film, although large format film had other advantages over small format.

seashore sunrise, horizontal oblique

seashore sunrise, horizontal

seashore sunrise, vertical

All in all, I think it's pretty amazing what we can now capture with cameras that we can carry in a pocket. A bit of processing skill also helps.


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