Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A little ice

Here are a few attempts to find some visual interest on a day that we did not get the snow that had been forecast as a fair probability. What did show up were a few icicles, including some hanging from plants.

And dripping...

The birds found the tiny patch of snow dust that miraculously harbored some seeds and fruit.

Icy and wet leaves have a great way of reflecting a diffuse light source (the cloudy sky through a space in the trees).

On this holly tree, I caught a pair of "drip points" that synchronized perfectly for one cycle. I have shots of the water pooling on the icicles, and falling in unison from both leaves. Here is the shot showing the water beginning to pull loose, just before it fell.

Of course, an easy place to find icicles is hanging from eaves. I liked this composition because of the end of a pine branch frozen in an odd position, and also the mid-ground perspective and texture provided by the shingled roof and the background of the trees.


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