Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A winter walk by the water, with a pocket camera

Winter weather is still eluding us in North Carolina. I was out around Carolina Beach Tuesday afternoon, with temps around 70ºF (21ºC for the rest of the world). It gradually cooled a little, and the breeze made a windbreaker a reasonable proposition, but still...winter...well, no cause to complain: it was a beautiful day to be outside. Off I went, carrying a Canon G10, a four year old pocketable digital camera.

The ocean and sky were not strikingly unusual when I arrived, but attractive nonetheless. The colors were not as saturated as presented in this image, but then, this is my reality, I'll see it as I want to!

I had performed an Education Concert earlier in the day, so this was the second time that I had a large audience:

I cut back and forth between the town streets and the weed-covered dunes along the beach.

Jealously guarded parking areas, left vacant in the off season:

This little lake attracted a few varieties of birds. I would rather have photographed them with a DSLR and a long telephoto lens, but some things were possible with my little Canon G10.

I'm disappointed when I see trash abandoned in inappropriate places, but I admit to a certain fascination with photographing it in some circumstances. The ibises didn't seem to mind (though that doesn't mean no harm was done).

Someone left quite a footprint in the mud!

Ah, tranquility!

To "frame" the series of photos above, here are some pre-sunrise shots from the next morning:

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