Monday, January 7, 2013

Cat hiding in the bush - an exercise for shooting in low light

A neighborhood cat decided to hunt in our yard. It hid under a dense bush, in such dark that I could barely see it, as I lay down resting on my elbows. The camera, however, was able to focus on kitty's eyes, and thanks to very high ISO capabilities, it pulled out these jungle-like pictures. Watch out birds! Watch out squirrels!



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  3. Previous two comments combined:

    Beautiful photos, Jess! You've recorded another example of the eyes being a window to the soul (and yes, I believe animals have souls). Well done! Is this Charlie? :-)

  4. This, I think, is Charlie's friend, a roaming neighborhood cat sometimes called Tigger. Charlie (female) is a mostly white kitty. She has a definite home with one of our close neighbors. Tigger is sometimes seen sitting near Charlie in her yard.

  5. These are magical! Is that the photographer I see reflected in the cat's beautiful eyes?
    EVAnonymous (not Anony-mouse!)

  6. Very interesting, expressive photos, Jess. Not your usual "cat fare". Intense, then positively sinister, followed by a rather sweet portrait, all expressions in a brief period. Bravo, Jess!


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