Saturday, March 23, 2013

First street shadow of spring

While walking the dog on the second day of spring...

I spotted an odd little shadow play. It was because of the dog. I often look up at the sky, partly out of interest in cloud formations, and partly because of awareness that impending changes in the clouds will have a major impact on how the landscape (or cityscape) looks. But that's a photographer thing. I wasn't even carrying a camera, just walking the dog.

Except that of course I did have my iPhone, which has a very usable camera for certain types of photos.

But I was walking the dog, which meant watching where she was going, which meant often looking down. So I spotted this interesting play of shadows on the asphalt pavement, shadows of...

Shadows of what? Is that an armadillo or an insect crawling along? Actually, what we have here, or rather what was above my head, includes a utility pole with a step-down transformer and several power lines, a street lamp on an arm, and a few odds and ends. The shadows are very sharp because the sun was in a clear sky and quite near zenith. It only took a moment to grab the shot, so doggie didn't even have a chance to become impatient.

It it worth a second look? I enjoy it, maybe because it reminds me of how I used to look at the street as a small boy and spot all kinds of things that the adults might have wished I would ignore. Also, I guess I do like the abstract structure of shadow and light. And kid-style imaginings of creatures instead of just electrical utilities.



  1. Interesting. The adults may completely miss the bug-like creature in shadow and only be thinking that this pavement needs some TLC.

  2. We miss all kinds of stuff, don't we? I don't want to become a child again, but I hope I can keep some of the childlike viewpoint alive, and maybe even revivify some parts that have atrophied.


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