Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rainy, rainy day

Some people like to stay in bed on a rainy morning. That wouldn't apply to me, of course - nothing gets me going like a nice overcast and steady drizzle.

Our dog Photon has become increasingly precipitation averse as she has aged. I guess I can't blame her. It's tough enough to get around with two bum legs. Slippery ground just makes things worse. Notice how she manages not only to stay in bed, but to pull a blanket over herself despite the lack of opposable thumbs. She compensates with un-opposable eyes: we must do her bidding.

The falling water not only transforms the ground, but can turn the bark of a pine tree into a miniature landscape. Between the moss and bubbles, there's contrast of color and texture. I wonder if an insect has bored into the bark and the bubbling results from emission of gaseous metabolites...

I've written previously about similar things on a similarly rainy day. This time, I was prepared to catch the anticipated bubble scene, so that I could do a better job with a tripod, etc. My special equipment included a rain hat, not on my head, but held over the camera.


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  1. Your photos are always such a bright spot in the day, Jess. Thanks for posting them and the insightful commentary, as well.


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