Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Horses in a mostly sunny landscape

A few days ago I found the "local" (NC State Veterinary School) horses grazing in a pasture accessible from public walkways. It was a mostly sunny day, but with upper and lower layers of clouds moving around. I decided to try to portray the three dimensional shapes and overlap of the cloud layers. 

I'm always drawn to patterns in landscapes, so I composed a shot of two horses mirroring each other, framed by lines in the grass and fences.

In a wider view, the blue sky and green grass are "completed" by the red barn - the three primary colors. Actually, the grass is yellow-green, and the sky is, well, sky blue, not pure blue, but it's still a strong combination.

One friendly stallion came closer to look me over, so we exchanged greetings, then each moved on.

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  1. The stallion was probably thinking, "Hmmmm, Lunch!"

    1. He was indeed, and I was feeling guilty for not having an apple with me. Poor planning on my part!


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