Saturday, July 6, 2013

A pastoral photo expedition

A photographer friend and I went on a rural photo hunt Friday. Our goal was the old Laurel Mill outside Louisburg, NC. Access was limited to the public road, so we didn't have the range of perspective options that we had hoped for. Here's a shot that shows the character of the mill pretty well.

Along the way, we took advantage of the photo ops offered by some pretty farmland, with good views right from the roadside.

When we got to Laurel Mill, we made the best of shooting from the highway bridge, and from the stream bed underneath it.



  1. Sigh! My day always brightens after I see it through your lens. :-)

    1. You've brightened my day! It's an interesting process, I think, the way that viewing through a lens and planning/working to create an image affects the way we see what's around us. It's possible, of course, to notice less of the world while one is caught up in trying to make a photo, but I think for the most part it helps me to see more. I suppose I'm usually striving to see beauty, and to share that aspect of visual perception, so to the extent I succeed at that, maybe I can pass on some of the enjoyment that I get out of the process.

      Hmm, that makes enough sense that I may include it in another post...


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