Friday, July 5, 2013

Pics, or it never happened?

We see this line a lot on photography forums - "photos, or it didn't happen!" This blog is centered around photography, and I'm pretty inclined to document things with a camera whenever I can. Nevertheless, I have to relate an experience I had today that would have been spoiled had I tried to use a camera, even the cell phone in my pocket.

Returning from a late morning walk with our dog, I opened the back yard gate to let her in. I had her leash and some mail in my right hand, and put my left hand on top of the gate to close it. At that moment, a beautiful blue dragonfly landed on my wrist, and remained, shimmering in the noon sunlight. I'm sure it was attracted by the salt in my perspiration (or my sweetness - ha!), but at any rate, this delicate creature seemed unafraid of me. As long as I was still, it allowed me to examine its eyes, the delicate tracery of its wings, the subtle iridescent colors of its body, from as close as my own eyes would allow me to focus. What a marvelous opportunity! The dragon tickled my knuckles and looked at me, but stayed in place.

Finally, after 30 seconds or so, I felt that I needed to move more than just my head, and of course as soon as I shifted, my little visitor left. I have been hoping that I'll have the chance to find and photograph some dragonflies before this summer is over. I have to say, though, that if I had to choose between making a fine quality photo of one and enjoying the personal visit that actually happened, I'd take the dragonfly on my hand. Of course, I can still try to accomplish a photo or two at a later date!



  1. I'd say you captured a pretty effective portrait of the dragonfly just with your prose, Jess. Lovely description.

    1. It was quite an experience, and completely unanticipated. We see more foxes, opossums, and raccoons than dragonflies in our yard. Also far too many mosquitoes of late. Aargh.


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