Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stalking the little creatures at the arboretum

The Raulston Arboretum harbors a lot more than trees and flowers. There are also hosts of insects that feed and pollinate, as well as some fish and amphibians.

I've hoped to have a shot at some dragonflies, and got my chance Monday.

I don't tire of observing bees and capturing them at work.

I've worked that area, goodbye!

Really getting into it.

Here comes a dragon, headed for a perch with a good background. Will it land facing me?

Yes, and it angled its body upward and caught the sunlight! The iridescence of the wings lasted but a moment. Now I can enjoy it at my leisure.

The sky was the best background for this group.

Swaying in the breeze, it was a challenge to frame and focus on this moth while it perched on a flimsy flowering stalk.

It was a little easier in this location, though those six legs were moving.

Taking a sip.

This one is almost camouflaged for its flower perch. I angled for a background that would show them both to advantage for my eye and my camera.

Watch out for this ambush.

This combination of bloom and desiccation made me think of driftwood.

A garden variety sea serpent?

This bullfrog watched very patiently for any flying insects that might approach.

To the unwary quarry, he might be no more noticeable than this.

This dragonfly almost got too close!



  1. You have a talent for seeing beauty in unexpected places, Jess. I'm thankful that you choose to share your view on the world; your pictures inevitably make me happier.

    1. My pleasure! I photograph for many reasons; one of the first is that it makes me happy, and if the results can sometimes offer something for others, that makes me happy too.


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