Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Olla podrida

Two of one plus two of another, plus one of those imitating the other. This is just an olio of the things I found in a period of six and a half minutes (ah, the uses of Exif) within a dozen paces of our mail box at about noon today.

First, two insects, a bee and a butterfly.

Next, two flowers. Remember, noon is supposed to be the worst time of day for photographic light. It ain't necessarily so!

And finally, a camera-shy dragonfly, which hid its body behind a car antenna. The two joined so well that it looks like an insect-flower hybrid. The plaited rubber stalks climb, vine-like, toward the sky...where the Giant awaits Jack?



  1. Once again, seeing the world through your eyes is a highlight of my day. Thanks for taking the time to keep the blog, Jess. :-)

  2. Thanks Barb. I took another look at the third photo (lily) and decided to reprocess a bit, to emphasize the difference between the strong light falling on it and the muted light in the following image.

  3. A friend a coworker is a bee keeper and I shared your photo of a bee with him ( He loved it! Such detail and vivid colors. Beautiful and inspiring!

    1. Whoops, my beekeeper friend/coworker corrected me: the photo is of what he called a "Bombus" or a bumblebee!

    2. Yes, definitely genus Bombus, not Apis! It's easier to tell when they're viewed in profile. Thanks for pointing a certified beekeeper to my photo!


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