Friday, April 18, 2014

Sunset through distant trees

Last night's sunset didn't produce a spectacular spread of color through the sky, which was almost cloudless, but it did climax with an intense orb dipping past the horizon. When viewed through the tunnel vision of a long lens, I thought it had photo possibilities. I blocked the sun itself with a tree limb. The surrounding glow through gaps in the distant trees looked exactly like a forest fire (so glad it was not!), which you can see here.

Momentary distraction! Backlit dandelion preparing to replicate!

When the solar display peaked, I had found my best composition around budding leaves. They were about seven feet from me, while the trees in the background were at least one hundred times that far away. There is no manipulation in this image, just the extreme contrast of in focus/out of focus, and the natural colors are modestly enhanced, just as they appeared to me, subjectively, at the time of exposure.

Incidentally, this might be taken as an example of landscape photography not always being done with wide angle lenses.

[all photos Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 L II IS)

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