Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wet Raleigh

It would probably be a good discipline for me to got on a photo outing and limit myself to one image. However, I must admit I'm more inclined to try to find as many different subjects as I can, regardless of where I find myself. Today was a mostly rainy day, with the sky consistently overcast, so I went out to look for scenes of "wet Raleigh". I started with an ess curve of railroad tracks at Pullen Park, and finished on a section of Greenway at almost the opposite end of town. Although I had a selection of lenses with me, all of my shooting ended up being done with a 70-200mm zoom. It was misty when I did the first photo and poured for a time after that, but had quit raining before the last exposures.

Permalink: /2014/04/wet-raleigh.html


  1. Fabulous, as always. Have you shot photographs lately at Oakwood Cemetery? This morning, when I wasn' tbusy playing horn or directing my antiphonal band, I noticed lots of possibilities for striking images there.

    1. I haven't been there in years! Will have to go back and explore. Thanks for the idea!


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