Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Falling for Ziva

Ziva loves autumn weather!  I suspect she'll be happy through all seasons, though.

While she watched from inside the house, I went after a few falling leaves that got caught on their way down.  These are exactly as I found them.  Forkful:

Almost butterfly-like:

Wants to be the last one on a stem?

How much is that doggie in the window?  Priceless!



  1. Oh, Ziva is so gorgeous!! I hope you always have pictures of Ziva on your blog every day!!

    1. She would thank you if she could, so I'll say it for her! I promise to post Ziva pics as often as I can.

    2. The markings on her face ... near her eyes ... make her look like she has long eyelashes. Very fetching! She has such an expressive face!! I could watch her all day!

    3. Yes, she kind of has built-in mascara, eyeliner and more! Most important is the intelligence and concern behind those eyes. Right now I wish I could do all of my work from home so I could look after Ziva all day. Or I could take her to work with me! Unfortunately, it's not the kind of job that would make that even remotely possible. Ah well...


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