Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Introducing: Ziva

I'd like you to meet Ziva, the diva dog, youngest member of our family!  We met her at a rescue facility the afternoon of Oct. 23, and decided on the spot to bring her home.  Once she settled in a bit, she relaxed.  Doesn't she look regal here, just three days later?

I'd like to show a few photos from those three days.  First are two iPhone snaps done while she was riding home in the car.  I was in a back seat with her, not attempting to drive and shoot!

Here's an animated gif of Ziva running happily through the ivy in the heavy shade, in the late afternoon, just hours after her arrival.  ISO 51,200, for camera geeks.

Ziva and I soon covered quite a few miles around our neighborhood and the nearby Greenway, but I didn't want to slow her down by attempting photos during these early walks.  Instead, I give you a tired puppy getting ready to nap on a rug.

There are sure to be more extensive photos before long.  Ziva is sweet, energetic, photogenic, curious, patient (for a young thing), and very loving.  What more could one desire!

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  1. Oh...she is so cute! Such a loving pup!!

  2. Now that you have Ziva the Diva dog, I guess we won't be seeing any more close-up photos of squirrels, cats, and birds?

    1. Don't be too sure of that! I actually hope that she discourages the roaming cats from hiding out and attacking the birds. The squirrels are clearly cautious with Ziva around, but they haven't moved away. I will probably be finding animals in somewhat different places from before, but I will find them and photograph them!


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