Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ziva diva finishes her first week in style

Ziva the diva dog has now been living with us for a week.  Here are a few shots from this afternoon.

Ziva likes to chew on pine cones.  This somehow doesn't seem to harm her gums or other soft tissues.
In this photo, she looks like a guilty hyena, but that's just the camera catching her in the midst of sitting down.

Such devilish pleasure!

This is serious business.

Yes, we provide her with appropriate chew toys, from elk horn to fabric hedgehog to favorite stolen cotton sock, but there's nothing like gathering your own chews from nature's cornucopia, a pine forest.

Here the strong shadows make her look like a fierce stalker.

At home, the puppy face reappears.

Quarters so cramped (and lens view so wide) that the photographer's legs became part of the composition.

Hey, a portrait photographer ought to know better than to put the lens so close to a subject's nose!  Look at that exaggerated muzzle and foreshortened body.  Fortunately, Ziva is such a cute little canine that she looks great from almost any perspective!

She licks me all over, but so far I've managed to keep her tongue away from the camera lenses.



  1. What a beautiful, expressive, playful pup! Her ears are adorable. I wish you would post more pictures of her!!

    1. Thank you for your appreciation! I will certainly continue to photograph every aspect of Ziva's life that I can catch, and will post as many shots as I can get away with, short of boring my followers and ignoring other parts of my photographic calling.

  2. RE: "She licks me all over, but so far I've managed to keep her tongue away from the camera lenses." So - one could say that you can take a lickin' but keep on clicking (photos?)?

    1. Hopefully, ZDiva's breath is fresh as pine!

    2. Ha! An old Timex commercial, right? Way before my time - NOT!

    3. Her breath seems fine, not what you'd call "dog breath" from a human. Fresh and fine as pine!

  3. Replies
    1. Sure is, charmed me from the moment she ran out to meet us at the shelter!


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