Sunday, February 8, 2015

Either/Or...or Both?

Today I was able to maneuver myself to a vantage point that gave me a view of the underbelly of my favorite bridge along the Crabtree Creek trail.  I show you two versions of the resulting iPhone photo.  The first is essentially an accurate representation of how it looked to my (biased) eye.

The second is  how I react to this decaying structure and the encroaching vegetation.  It is simply a black and white conversion of the same photo.  I minimized the luminance of blue and tweaked the influence of other colors, much as if I had shot through a very dense red filter.  This is why the sky appears black.  There are similarities to the look of infrared capture, but IR film or IR digital capture would have rendered some things differently.  I adjusted the color response to yield the structural emphasis that I wanted.


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