Friday, February 6, 2015


Sometimes I get so swamped with work as a violinist that I feel I have all I can do to keep up with basic chores, and there isn't time to work at photography (otherwise, I would do some photos virtually every day).  I thought today might be pretty much like that, but one of my responsibilities was to exercise our dog Ziva.  No, it wasn't going to be some brief little stroll, Ziva had designs.  We had about two miles of the Greenway trail almost entirely to ourselves on the outbound journey. We hiked for two hours and forty minutes.  When I'm wandering outside for that length of time, the only thing that could keep me from trying some shots would be the total absence of any kind of camera.  I guess that makes me addicted, right?  Anyway...

After crossing over Crabtree Creek, we passed a swamp that I wanted to elevate to the status, or at least appearance, of an exotic landscape.

We recrossed the creek at a second bridge, and found a peaceful view that lent itself to a quasi-vintage approach to image processing.

From there, it was a pretty straightforward return journey for me, though Ziva had the fun of seeing a few walkers, joggers and bikers.


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