Monday, February 9, 2015

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I try to let this sleeping dog lie, because she's so cute and it's a pleasure to watch her.  There's no risk following an accidental awakening, though.  Ziva can snap to alertness in a second, and is well tempered even then.

Even more impressive to me is how dogs and cats can fall asleep in a few seconds when the opportunity is given them.  I sometimes wish I could do that in the middle of the day, then return immediately to wakefulness and be refreshed and fully functional.  There's no app for that!

[Canon 5D Mk III, 35mm f/2 IS]



  1. She is such a gem! Y'all are lucky to have one another.

  2. your dog is sooo cute!! Great pictures!

    1. Thank you! We just now returned from a six miler, and Ziva's behavior was, at the same time, athletic and as cute as it gets, but no pictures of her leaping and guiding her own leash, unfortunately.


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