Monday, February 2, 2015

Fifty Million Shades of Grey

Today was sort of a black and white day.  I would say a gray day, but that sounds disappointing, and there are actually infinite shades (forget fifty) of gray (or grey if you live in the UK).  The overnight rain diminished, then stopped, and mid-morning seemed like a perfect time to cover a few miles on foot.  The sun was out for awhile.  Then, when about two miles from home, I noticed that the cloud cover was again pretty dense.

Sometimes I have an almost "corvidian" propensity for being riveted by something "shiny", by which I mean not literally a shiny object, but anything visually unusual, alluring, or transitory.  Thus, I can become fascinated by changing cloud formations, yet not reflect on the probability that they indicate a need to seek shelter soon if I wish to avoid a soaking!

If you've randomly looked at a few of my blog posts over the past three months or so, there's a good chance that you've seen narratives that revolve around exercising our dog Ziva (and myself) while looking for photo opportunities with no heavier equipment than my iPhone.  Between the rain-soaked terrain and dappled sky, I saw texture and tonal possibilities that I would love to have captured with a larger format camera.  So in a way these are sketches that I hope to bring to more complete form at a later date, but everything is always changing, which means my little iPhone shots will remain unique.

Here is where I probably should have been thinking "ok, time to turn around and head home, pronto!"  Instead, it was "Wow!  Cool clouds!  I can frame some nice shapes here!  Give me a moment, Ziva!"

Vertical or horizontal?  It only takes a few seconds to try both.

We kept going.  At the mid-point of our trip (a boulder with a view of the lovely Crabtree Valley Mall parking deck), Ziva played queen of the hill.  Photographically, I had to leave this image full color, because color is the only thing that clearly separates her from the background.

We did start for home then, and made it about two miles before the reprise of rain began.  We didn't get soaked enough to spoil the experience.  Ziva just had to put up with having her muddy feet toweled off.


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