Sunday, February 10, 2013

A quiet walk in the woods

Walking quietly through the woods at dusk...well, actually, walking noisily through the carpet of dead leaves and dry weeds this evening, I mostly didn't see much to photograph besides some interesting trees like this one.

Even though I'm sure any wildlife around could hear me coming from a good distance, I did manage to creep up on a doe. We had a contest to see who could do a better imitation of a statue. She won, but with the technology of image stabilization compensating for my not-quite-motionless hands, I got this photo (at ISO 20,000!) before she darted away.

 That shot will never win any awards, but it enhances my memory of the encounter by providing more detail than I could see with my naked eyes, and freezing it. Shot at 400 mm, and cropped a bit from the original.


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