Sunday, February 10, 2013



Here in southern clime
Tantalizing tales of snow
Turn my thoughts to rime

The New York Times asked readers and Twitter followers to submit haiku related to the Nor'easter that slammed New England Friday and Saturday. The doggerel above was my (very) humble submission. I wish that those of us living in the South could have shared some of the burden of snow and ice. At any rate, because I don't have ready-made fairy tale scenes created by frozen precipitation, I play visually with the things around me even more than I do the rest of the year.

I returned to the tulips that I photographed Friday, and ended up with about a dozen more variations. No simulated snow, but different ways to look at the same bunch of flowers.



  1. You have created a soft, gentle light that is very pleasing to the eye. I like to see the many changing views and feelings you are able to evoke by your experiments with a single subject.


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