Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hint of snow, hunt for subjects

At 10 am today, I was pleasantly surprised to see very large flakes of snow begin to fall. Precipitation had been predicted, but was expected to start as rain. Temps near the ground were enough above the freezing mark that nothing frozen should have made it all the way down until later in the day, but apparently the local temperature dipped just enough overnight to allow these very soft flakes to survive until they touched the surface. I watched them melt in less than a second, whether they landed on concrete or leaves.

After  about an hour and a half, a little bit of white stuff began to accumulate on pine straw and some leaves. It even showed up on the feathers of hunting birds, like the robin below.

The snow around town was very patchy. Then it turned to rain, and then it quit. I'm pinning my hopes on the chance of a little more precip tonight, which could lead to some photo ops tomorrow.

This is how it looked when it began to fall:

Here's the robin, foraging in the late morning:

And finally, the look of a mix of snow and rain falling between the trees:


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  1. "snow and rain falling betwwen the trees" is poetic! I like to read descriptions of your close observation. Photography focuses your vision, the way drawing does!


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