Monday, February 4, 2013

Beauty - or at least visual interest - in deterioration

In my last post - about "city living for horses"  ;-)  - you may have noticed the derelict qualities of this house. Its corner appeared at the left side of one photo, with the sun shining through a window. Monday's light was not conducive to sunset colors, but I returned to the site anyway, because I wanted to experiment with a wider view and try to capture a wintery look.

There were lots of leading lines to play with in this scene. I tried to frame it to balance the driveway with the fence, and also like the way the clouds between the fringes of the two trees form an arrow pointing at the house.

Building and trees, 17 mm view:

In this close view (same lens), the twisted tree branches lend a maniacal feel, and the tree in the background almost has the illusion of growing out of the rend in the roof. There's not enough glass left in that window to even slow down the wind.

I really do love to admire outstanding, perfectly maintained works of human artifice, but I have to admit to a certain fascination, and even an aesthetic response, to some kinds of decay - as long as I'm not aware that it represents privation that could be easily prevented, which certainly is not the case with this structure.


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