Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bearded Iris

This large Bearded Iris was far later in blooming than various smaller irises around it, not to mention similar ones I've seen in passing around town. Yesterday, it "suddenly" opened in the late afternoon. I feel very lucky that I had a chance, today, to photograph it while it was still fresh and beguiling, and the light was soft and beautiful. How could I dislike rainy weather when it yields such results? It was also fortunate that the wind didn't reach the point of tearing delicate features.

Composing the picture was a matter of seeking a view that would show a lot of curves, a mix of overlap and edges for dimensionality, balance of weighty shapes and negative space. I don't think about these things while shooting, or rather they mostly flit around in my subconscious. After years of explicitly critiquing my own work in these terms, I'd like to think that some benefit is beginning to show up in my "automatic" choices. At any rate, this is something that I'll always be able to work on, no matter what happens in the realm of camera technology.


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