Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Bleuets Are Wet!

Et aussi les framboises...
Hungry for something healthful? Just give me a moment to rinse the dust off these locally grown organic blueberries.

* * * * *

Handy for throwing at the stage during premier performances of new music in an unfamiliar style.

* * * *

You wouldn't do that, would you? But what if you had been at the 1913 premier of Igor Stravinsky's Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) - do you think you would have been well-behaved then?
There's an excellent, short article about it here. A little more detail and a good explanation of the "riot" can be found here.

* * *

I suppose I should have saved this post for May 29, the centennial of that fateful day, but I photographed the berries today, so here they are. Also, I performed Rite of Spring last week, and besides, virtual fruit is timeless.

* *

(If you attended any of the three performances of the Rite by the North Carolina Symphony, I would love to see your comments below!)


The raspberries also got soaked. Don't let that give you ideas about doing "Bronx cheers" at concerts! In creating that link, I learned this can be described as an unvoiced linguolabial trill. Ah, the wisdom I gather in writing this blog!

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  1. I attended all 3 of the NCS concerts! The Thursday and Saturday night performances were outstanding-my favorites! What a wonderful orchestra!

    Un-biased Ken

    1. I'd have to agree that Thursday and Saturday were best. I'm equally biased, but it was gratifying to feel the audience reaction that "Rite" can elicit after a century of familiarity.

  2. Lots of new photos here! I love seeing the "petting zoo" of instruments. Water on berries photos are great, too!


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