Thursday, May 9, 2013

More irises

When I photographed a freshly bloomed Bearded iris May 5, I didn't think it would last very long, and I was right. A day or so later, it was knocked over by a heavy rainstorm. Here are two more shots I did that afternoon. The first was done with the same lens combination as the photo in my previous post, a 300 mm telephoto plus a 2X tele-extender.

This higher magnification shot was done with a 100 mm macro lens.

Today, four days later, another one has opened. I moved in very close for this (same lens as above) and waited for any vibrations to settle to a minimum. The light was dim (it was almost 6:30 pm EDST), the exposure time was 1/4 second, so of course the camera was on a tripod.

This flower was being visited by a fly, whose red eyes provided a nice color contrast. A little cooperation for a change! It remained stationary for the long exposure.


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