Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Day in Vermont

There's nothing quite like arriving in the middle of the Vermont mountains and having a goat be part of your welcoming committee. We were driving through a region containing a series of finger lakes when we spotted a summer camp that is a working farm. We were permitted to look around a bit, and this fellow was one of the first creatures we met.

The barn was colorful.

Our own destination was an amazing country house near the small, venerable town of Belmont.

Here is the Mount Holly Library and Community Center.

During a visit to the town center, we looked through a museum of old artifacts, including this portion of the original post office.

Imagine riding in this surrey, pulled by stately horses.

A demonstration, ostensibly for children, of how to sheer a sheep was interesting to me, and apparently also to this calf.

After lunch, we did some fairly serious mountain hiking. While I struggled with a backpack full of camera gear, Wilder, the pet dog of our host and hostess, ran circles around us with boundless energy. Here he is, fearlessly looking out over a cliff at the summit.

While we took a breather at the top, I managed to "capture" a dragonfly of brilliant red color.

Another spot to relax for awhile was on some rocks surrounded by the shade of the forest.

Back at the house, Wilder was also ready to rest, though still full of animation.

As evening approached, the Green Mountains took on a purple cast in the distance.

Altogether, it was an amazing day, and I hope that we can return for a much longer stay, especially as Brigid and David are such wonderful hosts!



  1. Beautiful! I was born in Bennington, Vermont and the pictures brought back some memories!

    1. It sure is a beautiful state! I would love to have the opportunity to explore the whole region in a leisurely fashion, and also to return during different seasons.


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