Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bar Harbor, two nights and a day

Continuing with the same evening that ended my previous post:
After wandering the waterfront for a time, we explored the downtown shops, which stay open late.

I love the moose on the roof!

Then, with a good night's rest in the Castlemaine Inn to fortify us, we went back to the coastline in the morning.

Japanese beetles are afflicting a lot of the flowers. This one had to share the space with a bee.

There were hikers' cairns set up all along a section of the shore path, and I thought this set made an amusing counterpoint to the very large balanced boulder in the mid-ground and the huge rocky island in the background.

We drove to Bass Harbor Head to scout locations for early evening photos of the Lighthouse. I clambered down the rocks and did this planning shot directly into a merciless sun, which is just above the frame of the photo.

Exploring the southern regions of the peninsula during the mid-late-afternoon, we found this picturesque inlet.

We returned to Bass Harbor, and I hiked back down the rocks, but it became apparent that the sun would not be setting quite where I had expected, so I moved up and over. This had the advantage of getting me closer to the lighthouse, but put me up against a barbed wire fence. I put one tripod leg through the mesh (and another in the poison ivy at my feet), raised the camera above the top of the fencing, and waited for the sky to develop interest.

After this, the colors in the sky seemed to dissolve, so I moved on to other views of the house and other scenes.

Well after sunset, this lagoon along the roadside erupted with color, necessitating a stop and a very quick setup of camera and tripod.

Our one full day in Maine was all too brief an experience, but the next morning would also offer some fun before we went on our way toward New York.



  1. Jess, your sense of whimsy and your eye for composition and subject matter never cease to amaze and inspire me. Kinda wish I'd offered to go along as your pack mule. :-) Thanks for sharing your beautiful travelogue.

    1. Barb, Pam says to tell you "that job was already taken!" However, I have to point out that I managed to haul all of my own gear for the entire vacation - and felt it in my legs after the mountain hike in Vermont. Photographers often joke about wanting a sherpa, but a pack mule would not be a bad idea. It worked for William Henry Jackson...


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