Sunday, August 25, 2013

Final morning in Bar Harbor

As you can see from the first photo coming up, our last morning in Bar Harbor began with heavy layers of fog over the water.

As I moved along the waterfront, I spotted a little abstract composition with streetlamp in foreground, ship's masts in background.

The masts proved to belong to the Margaret Todd, which I had photographed our first night in the harbor. I saw the seagull coming, and timed the shot to catch it between the masts - no Photoshop manipulation of this one. The gull was, of course, closer to me than the ship was, and moving fast, so I was pleased that I could react well enough with a single shot. A good warmup for the coming soccer season, although I'll be doing plenty of burst shooting for that!

Continuing along the shore path, I climbed down on the rocks to get close to this algae and lichen covered mass.

Further along, I was rewarded with one of the most magical moments of our trip. I had been tracking a bright yellow kayak, and spotted a mid-sized boat emerging from a fog layer at the same time that an islet appeared above and behind it. I nice ending for this portion of our trip. I was sorry to return to the car and leave the area, yet happy and satisfied as we headed for NY.


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  1. I enjoyed your photos and writing, as always, Jess. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.



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