Saturday, August 24, 2013

From Vermont to Bar Harbor, Maine

When we continued our road trip toward Maine, we were sad to leave the beautiful mountains of Vermont, at the same time that we were eager to get to the wonders of Bar Harbor. We only made one photo stop, to explore one of the iconic covered bridges over a modest river. Here's a view from inside.

I think a toned "antique" look is an appropriate treatment of the exterior shot.

Pure, contrasty black and white works for me for the interior.

As soon as we arrived in Bar Harbor, we checked into the Castlemaine Inn (away from the touristy center and waterfront).

That settled, I grabbed a "walkabout" camera and lens (24-105 zoom with image stabilizer, quite versatile) and we hoofed our way toward the water front. I had to admire the view that some homeowners or guests would have right from their windows or porches.

We took advantage of low tide to walk out on the sand bar that connects with Bar Island. The bar is submerged at high tide.

Returning to the town, I did some night photos of the moored ships, illuminated by their own lights and some dock lighting.

This sailing vessel, the Margaret Todd, was striking against the clear, starry sky. I would return to shoot it again during the following day.



  1. I am enjoying your blogging about your trip, Jess. What beautiful sights, and I especially like the night shots on the waterfront-such colorful shots with interesting shapes.


  2. Thanks Ken! It was lucky for me that the waterfront railings in the "downtown" area have a flat top surface, so I could use them as camera support for long exposures. Otherwise the last three shots here would not have been practicable.

  3. Magical night photos! Very beautifully done, Jess!


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